New album! And we need your help!

After a few (too many) years away from the studio, Nat Bartsch Trio is very excited to be preparing to record their 3rd CD release, To Sail, To Sing in a few weeks’ time! This album is planned to be released in April-May of 2013.

This album will showcase my new compositions, and expanding our sound to include the wonderful Gian Slater on vocals, and Kieran Hensey on tenor saxophone for two tracks. Leigh Fisher will also be doing a little bit of sampling and effects. It should be a wonderful experience for us to create it, and hopefully a wonderful experience for you as a listener.

This album is being recorded and released independently. As a result, we need your help to bring this recording to fruition. We have created a crowdfunding campaign through the Australian website, where you can pledge to financially support the album. It might simply be that you are prepared to pre-purchase our next album, in order to facilitate its creation and release. Or, if you are happy to pledge a higher amount, you can get your name credited in our album liner notes, bonus tracks, or a Nat Bartsch Trio performance in your lounge room later this year!

At the website below you can read all about our campaign, how crowdfunding works, and also watch a video with a sneak preview of some of my new compositions.


If we receive enough pledges to meet our funding target, the amount you have pledged will be paid to us. And in exchange, you will receive your rewards! If we don’t meet our target, don’t worry, your pledge will be cancelled and you won’t have to pay a thing: it’s an ‘all or nothing’ funding model, whereby you will only support a project that is able to succeed.

If this is all a bit confusing, email me ( and ask as many questions as you like. If you are able to support this album, even in a tiny way, your support will be truly a blessing.

Best wishes,