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To Sail, To Sing (2013) – independent release
01. All There Is
02. To Sail, To Sing
03. Let’s Go Little Dude
04. Missing Pieces (feat. Gian Slater)
05. Reward if Found
06. Motion Picture Soundtrack
07. Save Me
08. Lullaby in Oslo (feat. Kieran Hensey)
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Also available at Readings (Melbourne), Birdland (Sydney) and John Davis Music (Adelaide) stores.


Springs, for all the Winters
(2010) – Rufus Records
01. I Have…
02. Revelry
03. Song for Mum
04. The Sire of Sorrow
05. You Put the Spring in Spring
06. Warm, Slowly
07. My Very Own Elephant Song
08. Uncertainty
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Also available at Birdland (Sydney) and John Davis Music (Adelaide) stores.


Nat Bartsch Trio EP (2008)
– independent release
01. I Think I Always Knew…
02. Big Fat Wish
03. Tumbling
04. Arpeggia
05. Charlie
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