Nat Bartsch – Hometime CD



(2017) – Independent release

Nat’s debut solo album, blending improvisation, composition and ambient electronics . A special collaboration between Nat Bartsch and acclaimed pianist/composer Luke Howard.



Track listing:

  1. And Until Tomorrow
  2. Scattered Black and Whites
  3. Lullaby for Hugo
  4. Untrue South
  5. Mercy and Silence
  6. Bower
  7. For Mary
  8. Hometime

Also available to stream on Spotify, or buy on iTunes.

All compositions by Nat Bartsch except track one (Nat Bartsch/Luke Howard), track 2 (Elbow arr. Bartsch), and track 6 (Luke Howard)
Recorded 9th to 11th November 2016 at Nat’s house on her Yamaha upright piano
Recording, electronics and mixing by Luke Howard
Mastering by Lachlan Carrick at Moose Mastering
Produced by Luke Howard and Nat Bartsch
Photo by Brett Scapin
Artwork by Luci Everett.