Nat Bartsch Trio – Springs, for all the Winters CD



(2010) – Rufus Records

Nat Bartsch Trio’s acclaimed debut album, featuring Josh Holt (double bass), Leigh Fisher (drums). Recorded by Mal Stanley for ABC Jazztrack.



Track listing:

  1. I Have…
  2. Revelry
  3. Song for Mum
  4. The Sire of Sorrow
  5. You Put the Spring in Spring
  6. Warm, Slowly
  7. My Very Own Elephant Song
  8. Uncertainty

All compositions by Nat Bartsch except track 2 (Kings of Leon arr. Bartsch) and track 4 (Joni Mitchell arr. Bartsch)
Recorded and mastered by Mal Stanley at ABC Studios Melbourne for Mal Stanley’s Jazztrack, December 2009
Producers Mal Stanley and Nat Bartsch
Executive Producer Tim Dunn
Design Cheryl Orsini
Photos Hannah Dingli and Nat Bartsch
The title of this album comes from the book An Unquiet Mind by Kay Jamison.