The Lullaby Project

Image by Samara Clifford

In 2017, Nat became a mother and launched her Lullaby Projectinspired by Max Richter’s Sleep album and the children’s genre-crossing of the Teeny Tiny Stevies. Influenced by music therapy research and her son’s stages of development, Nat composed a series of pieces designed to encourage babies to sleep. Equally importantly, the music is intended to be soothing for adults—for if the whole family is calm, the baby is more likely to be calm. The resulting album, Forever, and No Time At All, was released on ABC Classics in 2018. It is enjoyed by parents and non-parents alike and has provided to soundtrack the first years of many babies’ lives, from their time in utero, to the delivery room, to their evening sleep routine. This project is performed live in various settings, from daytime babes-in-arms shows to the usual evening concerts for adults. It is performed solo, in a postclassical trio, and in a jazz quartet and sextet.

Image by Brett Scapin